City.People. Light Awards 2016  Architectual Lighting (AL) Magazine by Elizabeth Donoff
Light Art Special   Kunstuur / Art Hour - National TV -
NRC Art Section   Smart Light is the future – National newspaper NRC
PLD, Professional Lighting Design  magazine, issues nr. 98 Dolmen Light by Joachim Ritter
Archello  online platform for architecture & design.…/prod…/dolmen-light-hondsrug-tunnel
Straatbeeld  Dutch magazine about public space - Manon van Ketwich 
Beelden  art magazine,  review by Marijke Jansen about Dolmen Light
Color Kinetics Philips  showcase -
Illumini  online , the world of creative lighting-
New Light Art Pioneers   by Matthew Grumbach  - Wallplay NYC
The Art of Collecting   The Walk  - The New York Times  / The International Herald Tribune               
Incredible Light Art  Creators Projects Kinetica
White Rose in Istanbul   AVRO Kunstuur, Art program on Dutch National TV            
Halo - Trajectum Lumen - Tale of Light
Flower from the Universe    AVRO Kunstuur Dutch Nat. TV      
Halo - Trajectum Lumen   Tale of Light         
Series European light artists:   Euro Maxx, Berlin
Titia Ex NL  -   Maurizio Nannucci IT   -   Paul Cocksedge GB  -   Olafur Eliasson DK  -   Micha Kuball DE