Titia Ex is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Ex studied film and photography at the Rijksakademie (1988) in Amsterdam and was artist in residence (1989) at the video department of the Musashino Art University in Tokyo.

Light art
She started to work with light as a choreographer light, form, time and atmosphere in theaters. She worked together with dancers, actors and musicians. At the post academic art institute the Rijksakademie, she created her first installations in which light became of great value as an autonomous visual element.

Public art
Next to her independent artistic work Titia Ex has concentrated on public art commissions. In her commissions she works with city planners, landscape designers, architects and the end users. The work is never an object by itself, space and context are both fundamental elements in her work.

For me, public space is not a saturated or static space, but a living organism. A continuous process of interaction between people and their environment. Light uses time and space as material. Light art in public space does not begin or end in a physical form and is a transfer of energy. It can take the space out of anonymity and add new and unexpected connections or break fixed patterns of movement. It does not have to draw attention to itself, it gives sight to the space. Light Art as a visualization of life, of energy in the city, as poetry.

Immersive art
Titia Ex's visual light & media sculptures immerse with their dynamic, mobile form and interactive character. In the course of light and dark, day and night, they reflect related changes of mood. At any moment of the day, these works can change their meaning.
The interactivity expresses itself by inviting you to participate and allow you to enter the space in a different way then it occurs. The work provides a stimulus to discover other possibilities within that space. It is as if you are in an in-between space, a transitional area between a concrete situation and a thought; lights can go off, but the memory remains.
Titia Ex creates a choreography in space, where art, technology and the receptive environment meet.

Worldwide exposure and representation in collections
Her works, objects and installations have been exhibited worldwide, among other places, London, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Beijing, Gwangju, Manama, Jerusalem, Istanbul and represented in collections of institutions like the University Medical Center Leiden; Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; Nederlands Architectuur Instituut: Glass Museum Graz Austria; Donnell Library New York; Philips Museum Eindhoven; Bureau Spoorbouwmeester Station Den Bosch; Museum Op Solder Amsterdam, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and various private collections.